28 weeks | 3rd Trimester

We made it to a crucial point in the pregnancy: 3rd trimester! Boys are doing great and I'm no longer having contractions. The doctor will check me again on Friday to see if there are any changes to my cervix. Really hoping that taking the medicine and keeping the contractions at bay have helped to maintain what I have left.

At this point, we have no clear indication of when I will be heading home. I can't deliver up north until I am at least 34 weeks, so if I were to head home before that time, and go into labor, I'd be headed straight back down here to deliver. I'm sure my doctor up there will have a strong opinion about me staying here, which is just fine. I can gestate from here while I stare at my mountain view until it's time to head home & deliver them.


I sobbed & sobbed when I had to come down here, but it's really not bad. I've had lots of visitors to help me ease into living in this "bachelorette pad," so that has helped. Sunday my girlfriends & mother-in-law threw me a mini baby shower since we were missing the big shindig at my house. It.was.awesome. I got to wear my cute dress, which is the whole reason to have a party anyway, my room is now the most decorated & talked about room on this floor, and I got some killer prezzies for the boys and for my hospital stay. I even got to see a friend from high school! Pretty good day!

My pretty decorations that every new nurse comes to gawk at when they walk in.

It's becoming an outie.

All the lovelies who came to hang out in my bachelorette pad for my mini shower. And yay! My mom & sister came to stay for a few days to keep me from losing my mind as I transitioned to life in the hospital!

I have learned that the phrase, "It takes a village..." is true. I have never had such an outpouring of love & support among friends & family. I have to take a minute to brag on a group of friends/colleagues (that makes me sound way more important than I am, but I'll take it). I belong to a group of photographers here in Denver. All women, all photographers, all Christians. We have a place to come & vent, ask questions, share burdens & pray for each other. I know a handful of them. One of them is my soul sister. The others I know by virtue of the fact that we are in this group together. I have never been so humbled by their outpouring of love. I have messages coming in daily from women who would love to come sit & play Scrabble with me, or who have offered to bring me my favorite Starbucks drink (Grande Light Iced Soy Chai if you're taking notes for future visits). And.I.don't.even.know.them. Seriously, dudes. This is killer. I am so touched by their friendship & generosity. It all started with a pie date 2 years ago, and now I have women from all over Denver who want to help me pass the time in the hospital. Dude! (Sometimes I'm so eloquent.)

For now, I sit. Everyone who comes in, tells me, "no news is good news." It IS good news, but, as my husband pointed out the other night, I am not good at limbo, so, no news is also like nails on a chalkboard. So, I wait. I have every magazine on the racks right now, I have a ton of movies from my sister, the 2nd & 3rd book of the Divergent series to read, a mini-fridge full of Chai tea & soy milk, Cards Against Humanity, and a new bathing suit from my Mama for the beached-whale society water immersion therapy. Not the worst gig in the world.

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