27 week update

I can honestly say that I am stumped to be writing this blog post from a bed that is mine indefinitely. I didn't for a second think I would be one of the unlucky ones to end up in a hospital bed for the remainder of my pregnancy.

So, here's how it all started. I came down to Denver for my monthly visit with my MFM (maternal fetal medicine) doctor. He did a routine ultrasound to check the twins' growth & development, as well as to check my cervical length. At this point, I was 3.6cm, which is great. No cause for concern, and in fact, he was so pleased that he didn't think we needed to check any longer.

Fast forward to last week. I head to my appointment with my favorite doctor up in our neck of the woods, gloating about how Dr. S in Denver wasn't worried about checking me anymore. He said, "No way. We're checking." We were shocked to see the screen: I was now measuring 2.4cm with funneling (cervix opening from the inside as Baby A's head & his water are pushing down, causing it to open inside out). Dr. P looked at me & said, "Strict bed rest. Shower & potty breaks only." He also asked me to come back in Monday of this week for a Fetal Fibronectin test which can indicate whether or not you are at risk for going into preterm labor within the next 2 weeks. Guess whose test can back positive? In the middle of The Bachelor, Dr. P's name comes up on my phone and my heart sank. It's always slightly unnerving when your doctor calls you from home at 8:30pm. He was worried. If he's worried, I'm worried.

My follow-up appointment was scheduled for yesterday afternoon to check my cervical length again. I was hoping for the best, but not surprised that things could go south. After a 45-minute wait, sitting in the ultrasound room with just a sheet over my bottom half, being as loud as humanly possible with Kylie, Dr. P finally waltzes in between other patients. 

I knew something was wrong as soon as I looked at his face & then immediately to the screen. I was seeing far more space next to my cervix than there had been last week. I was now down to 1.4cm with funneling. He turns off the machine and says, "I want you to get in the car & head to Denver to Labor & Delivery right now. I'll call to let them know you are coming, but I want you to go now." After he finally left the room, I sobbed uncontrollably on Kylie's shoulder. I didn't want to go, this wasn't fair, I didn't want to leave my baby, she wouldn't understand, I didn't want to sleep without my husband for weeks on end, and I didn't want to be alone in a hospital way in Denver. We waited in one of the rooms for a final word from Dr. P. He hugged me & said he was so sorry. We waddled out to the car & headed to Denver.

I called everyone I needed to on the way down to Denver, but finally had to stop because the crying was making my contractions worse. I needed to pull it together until I was able to be checked into the hospital. 

We arrived at 7 and I wasn't done being admitted until midnight. I couldn't keep my eyes open & I needed another good weep. I had been poked and prodded for hours: 2 shots in the butt, a shot in the arm, 3 vials of blood drawn, 3 belly monitors making indentations in my belly, tracking heartbeats and contractions. I was spent. I missed my girl. I didn't want Josh to have to sleep on the uncomfortable chair across the room. This wasn't the plan. 

I finally fell asleep around 1, woke up at 2:30am with contractions that needed to be monitored for 30 minutes. Woke again at 5am with more contractions and was never able to go back to sleep. Thank God for family on the east coast who were awake and willing to text a weepy, exhausted prego. 

After mandatory water immersion therapy in what can only be described as the least sexy table cloth I have ever worn, I finally had a follow-up ultrasound. I learned that after yesterday's cervical length check, which was 14mm, my cervix had funneled further & it is currently sitting at 7mm. Dr. P flipped when he called to check on me. He said I should be hanging upside down. Such a drama queen.

So, here I sit. A chai next to me, the clickety clack of visitors texting, a little blonde girl playing with everything in the room, canvases of my lovies throughout the room, and millions of texts and messages lighting up my phone every few minutes with words of encouragement, prayers and/or jokes. Even in the midst of frustration, a sore butt cheek and sadness, little joys are surrounding my hospital room. My sister is on her way from the airport with junk food & a million Christmas movies to help us pass the time. 

Thanks for following my updates. I'll let know when I know more. Love to you all.


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