Mothers (Andrea's blog has been hijacked)

Hello. It's Josh here. Am I allowed to write on a girls blog if I don't talk about unicorns and decorative pillows? Oh well. I will try to 'girl it up' for consistency with the general tone of the blog.

Well today is Mother's day, and I felt it would be appropriate to hijack Andrea's blog so I could brag about her a little bit. Luckily, her blogger password was stored in our browser!

I've been extremely proud to call her my wife lately. What can't she do? A few years back she lost 90 pounds, which I'm sure was not easy, considering her love for McDonald's. After losing all that weight, she began to rapidly change on the inside as well. Her new-found confidence allowed her to conquer her fears and inhibitions to follow a dream to become a photographer. She didn't just 'kinda' do it... she dedicated herself to become excellent. And she didn't just become great at taking pictures, but she pushed herself to grow her business with intelligent marketing and networking. She carried, delivered, and cared for our daughter Madison. That's not so hard right? There are billions of Mom's. Anyone can do it. But not like her. She is a tremendous mother. And now, she has carried our twin boys for many months. If you're are reading this blog you are likely already familiar with that story.

The hardest part about the whole twin process was probably the emotional struggle. It was difficult for her to decide to be vulnerable again considering the 5 miscarriages we had. They were incredibly difficult to endure emotionally, but as you know, enduring is a specialty of hers. She decided we would try one last time, and now our boys have arrived. It has been a challenge. And a bigger challenge starts now.

Months ago, one person asked me if we planned on having twins... an interesting question. If it were possible to plan to have twins, we most certainly would not have. But we are very excited now that they are here with us, and I know that my super-wife is up to the task.

Thanks for all you have endured for our children and I. We love you. Enjoy holding your tiny baby boys on what is sure to be the best Mother's Day of your life.

I also need to recognize our Mother's as well. If you know Andrea, you know how generous she is. She is likely to shower you with gifts and thoughtful gestures. If you don't know, this comes from my Mother in Law, Susan. You would not believe the number of boxes full of gifts, clothes, and toys she sends. It's a weekly occurrence. Susan lives in California, but it is no obstacle. When we need her, she is on a plane the next day. In fact, she's probably on her way to the airport now. Andrea has always been very generous to me, since we became friends in 9th grade, and I'm thankful to my Mother in Law for raising such a generous daughter, and for being there when we need her... like when bringing home TWINS.

And of course... my Mom. Happy Mother's Day. She has been so selfless over the last few months when we have really relied on her heavily. My mom is a rock. Whatever we need, she'll handle it. Can you get us groceries? Sure. Can you pick up something from the house and bring it all the way to Denver? No problem. Can you make us dinner? Of course. Can you watch Maddie every day for the next week? Sure. It's not that she doesn't have things to do, but they always take a backseat to helping us. Whatever I ask her, I know the answer is always yes. But this is my mom. Her joy comes from making other people happy.

Both Andrea and I are blessed with Mother's who are extremely selfless and caring, and we love them dearly. They shall be rewarded greatly with lots of baby holding opportunities. There are two babies to hold, after all.

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  1. good blog, Josh. congratulations to you for being a great husband and father as well. <3


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