The Home Stretch

Pump, nurse, change diapers, check temp, bathroom break, pump, nurse, change diapers, check temp, bathroom break, repeat. This is what my days look like. The only nice thing about the boys still being in the NICU is that I am still able to shower & shave my legs everyday. Josh, this is your public service announcement: leg-shaving will be few & far between when your boys come home. Hell, bathing might take a backseat for a while too. 

We are nearing the 3 week mark with our baby boys in the NICU. They are getting bigger, stronger, more like babies, and less like preemies everyday. Last night, the boys were switched from feedings every 3 hours to on-demand feedings. Whenever they are awake & acting like they are hungry, I'm feeding them. Jax's minimum intake for 12 hours is 143ml, and Jett's is 150ml. Jax took 184ml today, so we talked an awful lot about him going home within the week. I was so happy to get a call from my FAVORITE NICU NURSE, Susan, just a bit ago letting me know that Jett woke up and took one final feeding just under the wire, pushing his total to 149ml. He did it!

Jax is now 5lb 1 oz, Jett is now 5lb 9oz, and Maddie is so freaking tall. She also looks uber creepy in this photo.

As ready as I am for these boys to come home, I totally panicked when they said they could be coming home. I will never sleep or shower again.

A lot of you have looked at me or texted me and asked how I'm actually doing. I'm actually doing good. I'm sick of waking up 3 times a night to pump in the cold living room, but then I think about my two baldy boys, and it doesn't seem so bad. I have the most supportive, precious, PATIENT husband who takes care of Maddie all day, so that I can sit in the NICU with these boys for 6 hours a day. And Maddie. What a trooper! Her life has been topsy turvy for 8+ months, and she has just gone with it. This little girl acts like this is one big adventure. She has spent many nights sleeping on the floor in hospital rooms, staying at her grandparents' house, and spending hours in her car seat, driving all over the map. She is amazing.

Thank you all for the calls, texts, emails, Facebook messages, gift cards, etc. I can't always reply, but I'm reading everything. And YES, I will eventually get all of my thank you cards out - bear with me.


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