5 Quick Steps to Create a Family Yearbook

The best thing I have done as a mom is start photo books. I started yearly books for Maddie when she was 6 months old, never thinking I would wind up having twins, and that it would change the way I create individual books for each of our kids. Plus, hello?! As we go, the kids are going to be together all.the.time. so how would it even be possible to just have enough separate photos of all 3 of them to create individual books? Therefore, our plan is changing to family yearbooks.

With Maddie's yearly books, I started each of them at her birthday. The last page is always the invitation to her next birthday party; the first page of the new book is an intro to her current age, followed by 3 or 4 spreads of her birthday party.

End of book 2

Pages 3 & 4 of book 3

You can do these books the easy way or the hard way. I did her first book the hard way. I had LITERALLY (Chris Traeger voice) thousands of pictures to cull through because I decided to start these books when she was 6 months old. After that, I have stayed on top of these photos (for the most part). The most I let myself get behind is 2 months. It's the BEST way to get everything done in a timely fashion, AND then it doesn't feel like I threw it together because there is an overwhelming amount of work to do on one book quickly.

So, here's 5 quick tips to help you get started & stay on top of your family yearbooks.

1. Organize your photos on your computer. The best way I have found to organize my photos and get going is to upload all of my images by month. I keep folders with the month & year on the computer, & dump photos in as I go. I may not sit & edit them immediately (and obviously you don't need to edit anything, but the perfectionist photographer in me has to do it. It's a compulsion.), but they eventually get edited & added to my Shutterfly book.

2. Pick a photo book company that is user-friendly. I have used Shutterfly for all of my books because they are pretty good quality, they are reasonably priced (I have gotten a 50% off coupon every single year when I order her books), and their system is very user-friendly. I am trying Blurb this year for a new look. I like the different size options they have now that I am switching to family yearbooks. I'm interested to see how their design program works.

3. Decide on your timeline. Like I said, Maddie's books were year to year, but family yearbooks are taking on a new concept: beginning of the year to the end. The 2014 family yearbook started with some pictures of Maddie & I. We don't really do New Years celebrations since I am an old lady now, so I started with some of the first pictures I had of the two of us.

First 2014 Family Yearbook spread

Unfortunately, the next couple months won't have tons of interesting goings on as I am stuck in bed, but I can take picture of all the playdates we have over the coming months to show that we did SOMETHING.

4. Hit the highlights of your year. Whatever BIG thing we did during that year, I made a HUGE deal about in Maddie's books (birthday parties, vacations, Christmas, etc.). Make multiple spreads for the moments that were the most important. This past year was a vacation to the Caribbean with Josh's side of the family. It was a big, long, awesome trip, so I wound up creating 12 pages dedicated to just this trip.

When you're creating these pages, use your imagination or look at some pre-designed layouts to get you going in the right direction. Include tons of pictures, but make sure that each layout isn't overwhelming. I like to have some semblance of order, then throw in a bunch of pictures that didn't necessarily fit the story I was telling on previous pages (like the last spread). I try not to use too many phone photos because of their poor quality, but for the sake of including all the special moments, I always throw them in somewhere. If that's all you have, USE THEM! Include your memories, funny stories, special moments, and anything else you think was important for your entire family to read years down the line & reminisce about. 

5. Use your phone photos. Oftentimes, the only camera we have on us is an iPhone. That's ok! You are still capturing your everyday life. Those photos are just as important as the ones that were taken with the big family camera (that's how I remember it as a kid, with my dad toting along the television studio-sized camcorder). Some of my favorite spreads in Maddie's books have been what I call the "Instagram" pages. They are the quick moments I captured of Maddie when she was being goofy or cute or whiny. I do 3 or 4 spreads of "Instagram photos" per book. I have been better in the past about taking photos with my camera, but since the bed rest drama, I haven't pulled my camera out as much. That has changed this week. 

Whatever you do, just do something. If you are a scrapbooker, scrapbook. If you create photo albums, create albums. I happen to find this way the best possible way for me to get everything into a book & look nice. I've made scrapbooks in the past, but it's far more expensive & time-consuming for me to get those done. These photo books allow me to keep everything filed neatly, and work according to my schedule. If you have questions, ask me! If you want assistance, ask me! This is one of my favorite things to create. And now that our family is growing, it will be even more fun to receive this at the end of each year as the FIVE of us grow & change. 

Now, go create!

21 weeks | 2nd trimester

Just another boring week around here, folks. Nothing has changed (thankfully), but nothing exciting has happened either. I got out of the house yesterday with my MIL to start looking at fabrics for decorations in the boys' room. I'm going to start working on some darling mobiles for over their cribs this week << wow! my life is wicked boring. Why am I even blogging this hokum!? 

The nursery is painted thanks to my BFF, KyKy. I will never be able to repay this girl for her kindness & generosity. Her baby shower is going to have to be epic - no pressure. Although, with her sister & her best friend pregnant, she seems to be putting pregnancy further & further out of her mind...can't imagine why. 

Much more soft & peaceful now.

No appointments this week! I go in next Tuesday for another cervical check (gag!) and to see my boys! I think they might have names, but we aren't 100% yet...I am; Josh isn't. He's very intense. 

I can't think of anything else. Ask me questions & maybe I'll have more interesting topics next week. Thanks again for following our journey!

Ignore the pile of dirty clothes behind me.
How far along? 21 weeks
Babies are the size of a? Pomegranate
Total weight gain? 17.5 lbs.
Maternity clothes? Yes, with some non-maternity. 
Stretch marks? Not yet.
Sleep? Really not great this week, but it's not surprising. I have limbs & heads pressing on my sides that prevent me from getting too cozy. Plus, I have to get up to pee 2-3 times a night.
Miss Anything? Same as always - just being able to do my normal 
Movement? Lots & lots!
Food cravings? I'd like to say that I got my yellow cake + chocolate frosting fix when my friend Chele brought one for me last week, but it's just not true. I could eat it everyday & be a happy girl.
Gender? TWO BOYS!
Belly Button In or Out? In.
Rings on or off? On.
Symptoms? Discomfort, sleepiness, weepiness, anxiety is a new one this week. Sitting idle for too long makes me uneasy & feeling stir crazy, so I'm working on new projects this week like mobiles for over the boys' cribs. I also made one hat for one of them, but I have yet to make a second for baby #2. Woops.
Anything making you queasy or sick? nah.
Labor Signs? Not this week!
Happy or Moody most of the time? I want to be happy, but man is it hard work to grow two humans at one time! Hormones are raging.
Looking forward to? Comfort.

Happy Chocolate Cake Day

January 27th is National Chocolate Cake Day!

Only in America. But hell, who cares. Let's celebrate!

In honor of this SWEET day, I want to share my favorite chocolate cake recipe. It was a huge hit when I made it, but I am only allowed to make it once a year. 

Here you go! Make it! You'll love it!

Chocolate-Covered OREO Cookie Cake

20 weeks | 2nd Trimester

What a week! I'm exhausted. I've been accused of being quiet on Facebook recently. Just trying to hide my crazy more. You're welcome.

Sunday morning kicked off the week with contractions that landed me in L&D, being monitored for a few hours. I woke Dr. P up at 7am & told me to get my ass into L&D & he would meet me there. Apparently, this is normal at this time during twin pregnancies, but it was very scary & unexpected. Everything looks great, no issues, but it only confirmed Dr. P's hunch that I need to take it insanely slow and painfully low-key. I have multiple witnesses now who have heard him say, "no cooking, no cleaning, no bending over, no lifting, no walking more than 15 minutes in a store, no buying anything in the store {because of the lifting & such}." For those of you who know me well, you know that this is a test for my OCD. I want to pick things up, I want to clean the dishes in the sink, I want to wash our smelly dog, I miss picking up my girl. But alas, I cannot. If it means that 2 healthy little boys will be here in as little as 14 weeks, then I can put my OCD on hold. 

Thank you to all my visitors. You're keeping me sane. Thank you for the LITE iced, SOY chai tea lattes {#highmaintenance}, thank you for those of you making us dinners {MIL has worked her butt off making us some wonderful dinners & freezing them!}, and thank you for praying for us. This has not been the easiest season, but you're getting us through it with your love, care & prayers. 

If you see Josh, pat him on the back. He's a superhero. From doing all the housework to dealing with daily sob fests, he is wonderful, amazing, super. He also deserves a vacation. Away from the crying pregnant lady. 

How far along? 20 weeks
Babies are the size of a? Banana
Total weight gain? 17 lbs. Finally stepped up my game & pounded some food this week!
Maternity clothes? Yes, with some non-maternity. This sweater is not maternity, but today is the last day I can wear it without stretching it out.
Stretch marks? Still no, but they will come. I'm feeling very stretched out already.
Sleep? Meh. I guess I won't be sleeping well for a good long while.
Miss Anything? Same as always - just being able to do my normal 
Movement? Lots & lots!
Food cravings? Still cake. Yellow cake with chocolate frosting.
Gender? TWO BOYS!
Belly Button In or Out? In.
Rings on or off? On.
Symptoms? MAJOR round ligament pain. The pain is not the typical shooting pain - it's more like I got socked in each ligament & they are just constantly achy. 
Anything making you queasy or sick? nah.
Labor Signs? Unfortunately, yes. First L&D trip on the books.
Happy or Moody most of the time? Moody. So moody. So much crying. I'm sick of my crying.
Looking forward to? Crying less.

Love Story: Part 2 (SURPRISE! Guest blogger!)

For my first guest appearance on the blog, I have been asked to continue telling the love story between Andrea and I. I worry that my writing may create some continuity issues with the blog, as I will be severely lacking in sarcasm. So I will crank up the sarcasm and see if I can keep pace with my sassy wife.

When she asked me to write, I stopped to ponder why she had never asked me before. But then I realized I know very little about thread counts, nail polish, and ... women in general. I didn't know much about women when I was 18 either. I certainly didn't know how to progress my relationship with Andrea. That was, until I came up with the idea for the spikes. Yes, the spikes. My spiky haircut with bleached blonde tips was what elevated our relationship. Whether she wanted to or not, I believe she was rendered powerless by their frosty glow. I also had a pretty sweet tan going on from my recent trip to Florida that made me look a little less transparent (how am I doing on the sarcasm?).

Frosted spikes: High school graduation with his Grandma.

Frosted spikes #2.

Frosted spikes #3. Senior class Medieval Times trip 2002.

We started spending a lot more time together again. We did that totally normal thing that most friends do where we just held hands for a few hours. Yeah... not dating. Just holding hands... as friends. So normal.

I was thoroughly confused at this point. But within a few weeks we had finally come to the conclusion that we would begin dating. We we're certainly concerned about all the "told ya so's" that we would inevitably get from our friends and family who knew we would end up together. But we decided to just do the mature thing and tell them to shut up.

Dating was a little bit awkward at first. For example... our first kiss. Andrea likes to contend that I didn't kiss her back. What really happened is that she kissed me so quickly that I never had the chance to get involved. It was ok though. The kissing could only get better from there. And it did (note to our parents, this is also sarcasm. We DID NOT kiss for the first few years).

In time our awkward dating phase had transitioned to a stable romantic relationship. Aside from the mandatory "Friends" marathons I was subjected to, things were going perfectly.

To be continued...

19 weeks | 2nd Trimester

I finally see light at the end of the tunnel. At nineteen weeks, I feel like I can peek around the corner & see a glimpse of the the finish line. I'm told be ready to go at 32 weeks. That ain't that far away. I don't want them to come at 32 weeks, but that feels like it's just not that far away at this point. 

My mother-in-law has been so helpful these past 2 weeks! Basement is semi-cleaned - we have a GIANT, I mean, GIANT, pile of trash that needs to be hauled off to the dump at some point. The boys' room is looking like a bomb went off, BUT they have cribs (courtesy, again, of aforementioned MIL), and they have some clothes. We are saying goodbye to our office/Monica closet in exchange for these two little ones, so it's taking a while to convert all of that. Luckily, I have in-laws who don't mind some heavy lifting.

Not being able to nest is making me go a little cooky, but others are nesting for me. I cry hysterically everyday. I don't seem to have much of an appetite right now. I'm on a Parks & Rec kick. And all I want is cake. I have had one piece the entire time. Birthday is coming up - I will eat an entire cake. That is my goal. It's my 30th - I should eat an entire cake.

Thanks to all my visitors, the many chai teas you have brought over & for all the messages & love you're sending. You're making it bearable. Sorry to those who have been on the end of hysterical, weeping phone calls when I'm pretty sure the world is ending because I have to call a place that has given me terrible customer service & I need them to fix something. That happened today. Sorry, Maren.

Y'all are the bee's knees. Thanks for following my twin journey!

How far along? 19 weeks
Babies are the size of a? Mango
Total weight gain? 14 lbs. I'm sure the lecture from my Doctor will start at any minute. I need to fatten up.
Maternity clothes? Yes, with some non-maternity.
Stretch marks? Nope, BUT my old ones are looking a little stretchy lately. I'm not going to get out of this unscathed. #battlescars
Sleep? Not amazing, not terrible. Still have weirdo dreams. For example: Josh's cousin came & cuddle up in our bed at Josh's feet in my dream the other night. You know...totally normal.
Miss Anything? Driving. Kylie was out running errands the other day, and she said, "I hate running errands, but I bet you miss doing this, huh?" And weirdly, I do. It seems so innocent to run & grab the laundry soap & Maddie's toothpaste that we need. But alas, I'll just continue my Parks & Rec marathon.
Movement? I can feel them from the outside now! And oh my. They wiggle & are really pushing. My belly might explode at some point. For real.
Food cravings? Cake. Cake. And more cake. Yellow cake with chocolate frosting. Did I mention cake?!
Gender? TWO BOYS!
Belly Button In or Out? In.
Rings on or off? On.
Symptoms? Just the two boys rolling around in my belly.
Anything making you queasy or sick? nah.
Labor Signs? Nope
Happy or Moody most of the time? Middle of the road. Ask my husband. Out of my earshot.
Looking forward to? Getting the nursery moving along. Currently, it looks like a bomb went off.

Love Story: Part 1

*Disclaimer: Josh read this after I wrote it to be sure that I didn't make him look bad got the details right.*

I remember the first time I saw Josh. First day of 9th grade. We were in the computer room class, upstairs in the corner next to the beaten-to-death lockers. He was from public school. He was quiet. I knew that immediately. And my chatty, high-pitched group of friends and I were immediately drawn to him. I had a crush on him already. So did my girlfriend. Lisa was my hyper, boy-crazy, loud friend. She was obsessed. They started dating, but he & I were drawn to each other almost immediately. I spent more time on the phone with him, hanging out with him, & getting to know him than I did with my girlfriends. He quickly became my best friend. They dated for 3 months. I went with them on dates, was there when they had their first kiss, and she sat on my bed, sobbing when they broke up. My only thought when she broke up with him was, "how can I sneak away for a few minutes to call Josh & make sure he's ok without her knowing?" 

8th grade graduation with "the group." We thought we were cool, but looking back, we all realize how terribly uncool we were.
At least we had each other.
Me & Lisa in my favorite car ever, my Ranger, circa 2002.

Sophomore year was much of the same. We spent lots of time together, all the while, developing feelings for each other. Everyone, and I mean, everyone told us that we would get married one day. We'd laugh & pretend that we were repulsed. This is where it gets stupid, which is saying something when reflecting on your high school days. We laid the cards on the table.  Me: "I like you." Josh: "Yeah, I like you too, but I just worry that if we dated now, we would regret it later if we broke up over something stupid when maybe it could have been something more special."  #jawdrop A 16-year-old boy just told me that he didn't want to date me now because we could ruin something that might be a long term thing one day in the future. I remember standing in the living room, stumped. What just happened here? What a weirdo!

With a bruised ego, I was pissed. I would show him. That December, I met a younger guy at school. He was funny, nice & he played basketball. I sat at the lunch tables with my girlfriend and said, "He's going to take me to Winter Formal." And he did. And boy, did it bother Josh. Not only was I suddenly smitten with someone else, but I was pulling away from him. It weirded the new guy out that I was so buddy-buddy with Josh. He didn't get it, so I pulled away from Josh & got mean. Like teenagers do. I am literally squinting as I type because of what a jack-faced butthole I was. In the entire 3-month span of new guy & I dating, I had crushed Josh. I was mean, combative & cutting. I'd like to say that my feelings were hurt, that he had rejected me & that it had hurt me, but really, I had become a calloused, nasty, mean girl. And as mean as I was, he remained my friend as much as I would let him. He was never mean, always kind, always my cheerleader (in a manly, hot kind of way). The night that I got dumped, I ran to my best friend's house for some Patrick Swazye, chocolate & a sob fest. Josh called to check on me. I was sitting on Julie's bed, sniffling, but I remember when he called. I tease him now that he was just swooping in as soon as I wasn't dating the dude, but he said he was genuinely worried about me & checking on me. He's nicer than I am, so I tend to believe him.

The next day my dad picked me up from Julie's house, and told me he was glad I had had this experience. I will never forget my awkward silence. Life resumed as usual. I went to school, I wrote notes in class, and I slowly (slow like molasses) started hanging around Josh again. We slowly got back into our groove. Lunches together, seeking each other out in every crowd, and the marathon phone calls where we would just breathe into the phone for hours on end, with nothing interesting to say. I had missed doing nothing & everything with him. And he was back.

 Me & Julie, sophomore year.

Post-break-up, close friends again.

To be continued...

The Morning Perspective

Funny how throwing the windows open (well, the blinds because it's still reaching arctic temperatures) & looking over things in the light of day can help to change your perspective. Perhaps I shouldn't blog at night any longer when my back is aching, I'm tired, and the day is winding down. I seem to be quite cranky in the evening. I also seem to lose perspective. And common sense. Throw in an episode of Say Yes to the Dress with a bride whose parents were killed in a car accident the night of her graduation, as she relives it & buys a dress without her mom there to see her, and I'm a frickin' disaster. Perhaps blogging while I can see the snow glistening off the trees in our wide open spaces is the way we should go from here on out.

I may have over exaggerated & taken some things a little too literally about this whole woe-is-me-I-can't-eat-anything-but-eggs episode. Do I have GD? No. Am I likely to get it? No. Should I just calm the frick down? Yes. After essentially losing a 6th grader off my large body, I have learned a proper way to eat. Do I treat myself? Yes. Do I treat myself everyday? Of course not. That's what got me tipping the scale at 220. Do you think I'm going to throw caution to the wind & eat chocolate cake everyday? Obviously not. Do I have to cut out Chai? NOOOOO!! Woohoo!! Treat yo self.

Now, I don't know that my perspective of bed rest has changed. I still hate that, but hey! I'm halfway there. My boys will be here in about 18 weeks. My baby shower is in 9 weeks. My mom, sister & aunt will be here in 9 weeks. My cousin might come visit. All good things. Maybe the day to day is boring, but part of looking ahead is having things to look forward to. Friends coming over, getting the nursery set up, and getting the house ready (from a chair while I order people around) are things that I get to look forward to. They are the things that get me up & at 'em everyday. So, forgive the cranky post last night as perspective was lost in the dark. Today, things seem much brighter...especially since I can still have my Chai once or twice a week.

Happy Thursday!

18 weeks | 2nd Trimester

Well, this week was not what I expected. I never expected to hit 18 weeks & be told that I need to be on bed rest. My back, ass, & legs are so sore from laying or reclining constantly. I'm already sick of it, but I'm trying to be as positive as humanly possible about this new twist. If I start out defeated, the process will be longer & more difficult than is necessary (remind me I said this when, by the end of this post, I'm complaining again about being on bed rest). What does bed rest mean? I am allowed to use the restroom, bathe (you're welcome), go to the kitchen to grab food or water, and I can move to the couch to continue my reclining position. I cannot drive or do anything that is even remotely taxing. My dear husband is treating me like my insides will fall out at any second. He was offended when I told him the hottest thing I've ever witnessed was hearing him do the dishes. Then he mentioned running the dishwasher. It was as if I was in a romantic comedy & the hot guy finally admitted he had feelings for me.

With bed rest came the kindest, most caring messages, calls & visits. Friends are texting me all day asking what they can do to help. Do we need meals? Do I need a Chai? Can we take Maddie? My cousin even texted & asked if she could fly here & stay with me while I sit & scroll through Netflix. The best thing right now is to call me about visiting. Now, I'm usually a hermit unless I know you very well, and by very well, I mean, I will show my unmakeup-ed face, sport my largest Indiana sweatshirt, and maybe not even brush my teeth. I'm a stickler about making sure the house is clean before people come over. I don't have that luxury at this point. No housework means I won't be squeegeeing the windows, I won't be picking the dried up pieces of Play Dough off the floors, and sure I as heck won't be lighting candles & making sure the ambiance is just so. God is trying to force the OCD out of me. 

After all the junk from the last 2 days, today was the appointment I was looking forward to. I'm tired of looking at my cervix - I want to see my babies. We got to see both little guys wiggling like crazy, and making the ultrasound tech work for each image. Both of our boys are perfect! They are active a lot. I feel Baby A a lot, and Baby B has stretched out across my belly button where I can feel him kicking out to the side. I'm guessing J will be able to feel him kick in the next week or so.

Here's this weeks' stats:

How far along? 18 weeks. Halfway there!!
Babies are the size of a? Sweet potato
Total weight gain? 14 lbs. I need to gain more, but I'm not in a good mood about how. Eggs for breakfast - gag. No breads, sweets or happiness. You are at greater risk to develop gestational diabetes in a multiples pregnancy, so I should have kept my stupid mouth shut yesterday because he basically told me all happiness & enjoyable foods are out. And because of my hypochondria, I'm convinced I'm going to get GD. I never do anything moderately. It's always extremes. Maybe I'll work out a happy medium by next week, but for now I'm feeling irritated & cranky. Why can't I just eat my yogurt & berries?! 
Maternity clothes? Yes, with some non-maternity.
Stretch marks? Nope.
Sleep? Sleep has suddenly become less enjoyable. I can no longer lay on my back, so I'm flopping from side to side trying to sleep comfortably, but comfort evades me. And now, my hips are throbbing from laying on them constantly. I'm going to end up needing a recliner any day now.
Miss Anything? Normal food. My cereal & yogurt. 
Movement? Yes! They were crazy during the ultrasound today. 
Food cravings? All the stuff that is apparently going to make me go into a diabetic coma if I'm not careful.
Gender? TWO BOYS!
Belly Button In or Out? In.
Rings on or off? On.
Symptoms? Just the constant wiggling & flopping over the babies are practicing.
Anything making you queasy or sick? nah.
Labor Signs? Nope
Happy or Moody most of the time? Moody this week. I feel so restricted between being on bed rest & being forced to eat eggs.
Looking forward to? Finding new shows to watch. Say Yes to the Dress is starting to make me go cross-eyed.

17 weeks | 2nd Trimester

I'm sure everyone is sick of these updates, but again, at least my mom reads them.

We hit the 17 week mark on Wednesday! Woohoo! Next week we have another hour-long ultrasound, & I'm excited because I'll get to watch the boys this time. They were like acrobats Christmas Eve after some orange juice, but I wasn't allowed to watch in case I accidentally saw gender.

With the rollover to a new year (the boys' birth year), the nesting has set in. I want to organize EVERYTHING. The basement looks like a bomb went off, so that needs to be sorted out. Being restricted is a little annoying because I can't lift much down there, so I need Josh's help. He's as keen on cleaning out the basement as he is on getting his wisdom teeth removed. I need to start cleaning out the junk closet (remember Monica's secret closet? Yeah, that's me. Even OCD girls need a place to put all the things that don't have a place) because it's going to be the boys' closet. I'm starting to unload some of Maddie's old stuff in preparation for a barrage of boy stuff. And can I just take a moment to say THANK YOU to you for being so willing to give me stuff for the boys, bring me a chai when I need one, & then those who have offered to take clients who have no place to go. I am truly blessed by all of your generosity.

Without further ado, here's how it's hanging at week 17:

I spared you the bare belly selfie. You're welcome.

How far along? 17.2 weeks
Babies are the size of an? Onion
Total weight gain? 14 lbs. My appetite is in full swing! I want everything. I really want steak, which I craved with Maddie. I should have no problem gaining the 10 more I need by 24 weeks. I'm just happy that smalls are still fitting because then I'd be sad. And yet, still hungry.
Maternity clothes? Yes, with some non-maternity. Like that sweater. 
Stretch marks? Just the old ones.
Sleep? I sleep pretty hard. Vivid dreams, lots of peeing in the middle of the night. 
Miss Anything? Soft cheeses. It's a stupid rule.
Movement? Baby A (the one on the bottom) - I can feel him a lot. He's a wiggle worm. Baby B I'm thinking maybe has an anterior placenta (placed between my belly & baby boy) because I hardly feel him. Once they start getting huge, I won't be able to not feel them.
Food cravings? Anything. Today it's steak & cream soda. 
Gender? TWO BOYS!
Belly Button In or Out? In.
Rings on or off? On. The knuckle is getting a little pudgy, but it still slides around on my finger where it usually sits, so that's weird.
Symptoms? The crazy appetite. I mean, steak & cream soda? Huh?
Anything making you queasy or sick? nah.
Labor Signs? Nope
Happy or Moody most of the time? Pretty happy. This week.
Looking forward to? Still working on names. I could pick any of the 25 I love TODAY, and Mr. Patience is still a maybe on 2 names. Lord, beer me strength.
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