25 weeks | 2nd Trimester

Uneventful week. Starting to move towards getting the nursery set up in time for the shower. Their new, DARLING dresser gets moved in this week, computer desk will get moved out at some point, and then the cribs will go up. I even started washing baby boy clothes today, which felt really bizarre. I'm clearly in nesting mode. 

I had a moment of panic today after talking with my girlfriends about all of the things that I failed to add to my registry. I had totally forgotten about things that you need for babies. I'm out of practice. A quick trip to Target with their scanner gun fixed that in no time, and I'm feeling better. Although, NOW, I'm feeling anxious about getting everything we need. It's a lot. I'm having twins. Holy. Have I mentioned it's twins?!


How many of you were cheering Andi on last night as she ripped JUAN PABLO a new one?! It was awesome! How is it humanly possible that she is the only person who can see through this guy? We all knew it immediately, and we're not even "dating" the guy! I guess if Nikki and Clare can't see it, then they are well-suited for Pabs. Ridiculous. 

Can this man do nothing other than find a different body of water to make out with these chicks? Nikki was the ocean, Clare was the hot tub, and Andi was the waterfall. The interesting part was when he and Andi actually had a meaningful conversation about something she had said...and let's stop there! He was upset by the fact that she wanted to fall in love...ummm, ok. What normal human being doesn't, Pabs? Relax, muchacho. So, he starts getting uncomfortable because she is fronting off his stupidity, and his saying that she was there "by default." That's what turned him off? Ick. What happens when your precious Clare argues with you? You walk out because it irritates you that she doesn't swoon over you and gets sick of your dirty socks ON TOP of the hamper and not in it? Oh my. ABC, you really missed the boat this season. I mean, not many of these contestants are stellar, but good grief. Worst.Ever.

Eeets ok.

How far along? 25 weeks
Babies are the size of a? Head of Cauliflower
Total weight gain? 23 lbs.
Maternity clothes? Obviously.
Stretch marks? Not yet, but I have been slathering on the Cocoa Butter a ton.
Sleep? Hit & miss, I suppose. Sometimes I sleep like the dead, other nights I'm wide awake. My hips are throbbing from sleeping on my sides.
Miss Anything? Too many to list.
Movement? Oh yes. Usually when I'm winding down for the night or in the wee hours of the morning when I'm still sleeping.
Food cravings? Sweets!
Belly Button In or Out? In. Slowly losing it though...
Rings on or off? On.
Symptoms? A new one this week. Spider angiomas. Little red spots on my skin. I hate it. Luckily, they go away after pregnancy and are caused by an increase in estrogen in your body. I'd say I have a lot of that pumping through my veins at this point.
Anything making you queasy or sick? Laying on my back for longer than 5 minutes. I almost passed out at my ultrasound last week. I went from, "Oh, I need to throw up!" to "Oh, I'm going to pass out!" in about 10 seconds. No more ultrasounds on my back!
Labor Signs? Nothin'.
Happy or Moody most of the time? It's moment to moment at this point. 
Looking forward to? My shower!

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