For once, I agree with Kim K

Kim Kardashian is in the news again today. Shockingly, it's not because of her badonkadonk. No, Kimmy is in the news for a comment she made about pregnancy. "I recommend hiding for a good year and having no pregnancy style." Yes, yes, and amen!

If you will remember briefly my pregnancy style, you will remember how I rocked the yoga pants up over the belly, coupled with slippers that had deflated balls. 

When I set out to get pregnant, I was quite excited. I was a bit of a tub when I got pregnant with Maddie. This time would be different. I now weighed 60 pounds less than I did when I found out I was pregnant with Maddie. I was going to look cute. Then, we got the news: it's twins. While I wouldn't change what happened for the world, I would be lying if I said I was less than thrilled at the prospect of suddenly becoming the size of a small island. 

I invested in a whole new pregnancy wardrobe as my gut began to swell. I was going to look cute. Then we got more news: you're staying in bed for the rest of your pregnancy. Then, off to the hospital. Ok, so, really there was no point in wearing the darling clothes I had bought, so yoga pants replaced skinny jeans, slippers replaced boots. 

As my body began to expand, my desire to look cute deflated. Yes, I still showered, dressed & did my hair, but I was less inclined to put together a styled look. What's the point? Your chest is growing at a rapid rate, your belly & boobs have become one entity, your butt is either ballooning (like our dear friend Kim) or it is slipping down the backside of your legs (like mine did), your ankles look like stuffed sausages in your strappy sandles (oh, Kim. We empathize with you.), and your face suddenly begins to look like the Blueberry girl in Willy Wonka. That pregnancy glow only lasts about a month. You spend your first 3 months puking, you feel good for a week, and suddenly you are a sweaty mess with fat ankles. 

So, yes, when you think about it, Kim K is right. It wouldn't be so bad to spend your entire pregnancy in the house, wrapped up in a blanket. Less pressure, more comfort. Girl, you are spot on. For once.

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