The Bach | Week 7

It's week 7 & we are in Brussels. I cannot watch this show without a look of disgust on my face for the entire 2 hours that I am subject to this smut. This week, the boys are all tweaked out over Nick. Does anyone else think he looks like a serial killer? Or at least someone who will tie Andi up in his basement at some point?

Apparently, this week's episode was sponsored by a scarf company. They should offer a scarf to their viewers so we can hang ourselves after losing brain cells while watching this.

First one-on-one: Marcus.
His creepiness pales in comparison to Nick at this point. I was totally icked out by his zeal in the beginning, but the Serial Killer has now taken this role. Andi asks about Marcus' family & he shares a crappy childhood. #sympathyrose

More making out.

Date card comes & the Serial Killer says "I would do anything & will do anything to take advantage of every opportunity I have to spend time with her, kidnap her see her, to get that rose."

The Serial Killer takes it upon himself to sneak up to Andi's room to murder her make sure he gets a rose. This chick sees it as romantic while everyone & their mother sees it as strategy. Duhhhh!

More making out. And like, ridiculous making out. PDA is one thing - this was like foreplay on a street corner.

Second one-on-one: Josh.
I am too distracted by Josh's skin-tight sweater. Dude loves his muscles.

Andi says about 4532403 times that she wants Josh to open up & tell her he's falling in love with her. I actually yelled at the tv, "WE GET IT!" He finally says it, so then...

...they make out. And then suddenly, there is some stupid band playing in a piazza again.

Group date.
No Personality, The Farmer, The Serial Killer & Brian start out the date pedaling Andi's butt down railroad tracks on rail bikes. Then she tells them the place they are at is sacred or some crap & they can't kiss. The Serial Killer takes her off to tell her that she's in love with him & that he will be taking her to hometown to murder her. And no surprise, Andi gives the Serial Killer the rose. And the whole earth groans.

Nick gets a one-on-one. He goes home to the most awkward, uncomfortable silence I have ever experienced. Finally, Brian mans up & tells Nick that they all think he's a fake & that he'll get to the final 3 & walk.

And eww. Chris is wearing dress shoes with no socks. 

Rose Ceremony.
Dylan & Brian go home. To no one's surprise.

Next week.
Hometowns. This week is always the most awkward because when the Bach picks her final 3, she is essentially rejecting someone's family. It's hilarious & uncomfortable.

Ugh. This show.


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