The Best Damn Hair Tutorial Ever

I have good hair. I do. I take really good care of it by using store-bought shampoo & conditioner, using heat on it every single day, and brushing out massive tangles because of the length. There ya go. There's my secret. Don't care about it and you will have long, luscious (another icky word) hair.

I am asked at least once a day how I style my hair, so I thought I would give you a great hair tutorial to try at home.

Step 1: Have hair.
Step 2: Plug that hot round stick in & curl your hair.
Step 3: Curl more hair.
Step 4: Curl the hair on the other side of your head.
Step 5: Take a selfie & post it to social media. If there's no selfie, then it didn't happen.

** No pants were worn in the making of this tutorial**
Special thanks to my BFF for that SEXAY j.crew necklace

Don't forget: this is a hair curling tutorial. This will not straighten your hair. If you want straight hair, you will need your hot, flat stick. 

Happy Friday, kittens!

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