Dear JT

Dear Justin,

You're tearin' up my heart this week. For the second time. The 15-year-old, die-hard 'NSYNC fan, inside of this 30-year-old mom, died a little this weekend.

I'm happy that you have found love, but where did we go wrong? I thought we had something. I really believed those songs were about me. I mean, I know every teeny bopper girl (and boy - I'm looking at you, Lance) believed those songs were about them, but give it up. We both know they were about me.

I went to 5 of your concerts believing that you would see me in the sea of scantily clad teens & pull me on stage, only to fall in love with me instantly. Alas, you did not. Is it because I don't have ripped arms & abs like Jessica? Because, according to Meagan Trainor, it's all about that bass, and that I have.

Congratulations on baby Timberlake. I'm sure it will be an adorable, curly-haired, muscly baby. Just know, you tore up a lot of hearts this weekend. Thank you for bringing sexy back, but for now, we will say bye bye bye.


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