The Twinjas Turn 1!

I like throwing parties. I get a lot of shit for the over-the-top parties I throw for my kids. Yes, it's mostly for me, but isn't that ok? I mean, I like to have fun decorations, I want a theme, I want people dressing up to match the theme, and dammit, I want a little pomp & circumstance over my kids' birthdays. 

I digress. 

The boys turning 1 was no different. The first birthday has to be awesome. Well, at my house it does. 

I wanted to do something fun for these two. Cowboys and Indians. I spent countless hours discussing options for clothing, decorations, and cake flavors with a handful of GRACIOUS vendors, and below you will see my vision come to life. 

Special thanks to Babette's Feast & Catering, Sweet N Swag, Little Mr. Ties, The Wild Purple, The Printed Palette, & A Little Hipster for all of the amazing gifts you donated to make this party happen. It was everything I had envisioned! 

A special thanks to my main girl, Maren freaking Miller, for snapping pictures while I rangled children, ate cake, carried babies, and shielded my offspring from the monsoon that decided to blow in the second this party started. 

The most amazing cakes by Babette's Feast & Catering

 Vintage cowboy bunting from The Wild Purple

 Shoes: Sweet n Swag, Jeans: Old Navy, Suspenders: Little Mr. Ties

Shoes: Sweet n Swag, Leggings: A Little Hipster, Tee: The Printed Palette, Headband: yours truly 

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  1. This looks like such an amazing party! I hope you were able to sit down and enjoy the day as well, mama!


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