Bach-ettes & a Giveaway

Yes. It's that time again. I have yet to watch a single minute of this season's Bitchelorette, and I am already losing brain cells.

You know how women get along great with other women, and it's so super easy to make girlfriends as an adult? Right, well, in that spirit, the geniuses over at ABC have decided to pit 2 chicks against each other & let the men decide who they want to compete for. I mean, this sounds like a great idea. I'm sure it will all be decided with prayerful consideration, taking into account who will make an excellent wife & mother.

One week from tonight, I will be sitting in my in-laws' house, soaking it all in, filtering all of my comments with sarcasm. #yourewelcome


Who doesn't love free shit? Well, to thank YOU all for reading this dinky little blog, I am holding a giveaway. Enter below to win this darling tee! 

*Winner will be announced Monday, June 1, 2015. If you are chosen, email me your size & address. *

Tell your friends, watch along, read along, share your thoughts & musings about this gigantic clusterf***. I look forward to losing brain cells with you all.


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  1. Bichelorette. HA! Classic. So glad you're back in action and can't wait to lose brain cells with you.

  2. Okay...I may be crazy here, but I LOVE THE IDEA OF 2!!! I wish there was two the whole season!!!...I can't wait to read all your recaps!!! :)


  3. ^^^ not Ben Crowden...Ashlee crowden :)

  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog! Can't wait for this season's recaps! :)

  5. Best giveaway ever!! Crossing my fingers & toes!


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