Anxiety Girl

If you have read my blog at all, then you know I have anxiety. Not like, "I'm anxious because I have to take a test" anxious, but like, "I have this weird bump on my arm & it's, obviously, cancer, so I'm, obviously, dying" anxious.

My body has decided to give me a weird warning when the anxiety levels start to rise: my left leg & foot start tingling. (Don't worry - I've had multiple MRIs to make sure it's not something else.) So, when this started happening again the other day, I decided to try my oils. I started following CaseyLeigh Essentials & happened to come across a post about dealing with anxiety the very same day. I woke up yesterday feeling crazy anxious, so I opted for the JOY/VALOR combo over my heart & on my wrists. Worked like a charm. (Joy is the oil I rubbed on Maddie's wrists the other day when she was being a stinker. Didn't know it would make her talk to like a hummingbird. I will definitely cut that with Lavender for the next tantrum.)

Off to do some more summering! Happy Thursday!
(P.S. To get started or learn more about oils, check this post.)

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