Twinkies | 3 months

Our cousin asked us when we were announcing that I was pregnant with twins if we were "trying to have twins." As much as I love you, Adam, that might be the dumbest question I've heard. To date.

If I knew what it would be like, the pregnancy, the bed rest, the kangaroo pouch, I would have graciously declined. Then, I met these two baldy boys, and I fell in love. They are the coolest little dudes I've ever met. The sweatiness, leaky boobs, and black circles are totally worth it.

The novelty of twins is so funny to me. They are just my boys. Twins don't really mean a whole lot to me, but strangers sure think they are a freak of nature. Cute freaks of nature, but freaks nonetheless. "Oh, are they twins?" Nope, stole one. "Are they identical?" Nope. "Are you sure? They look exactly alike?" I'm sure. "Gosh, I could have sworn they were identical." I am about to karate chop your neck.

Their personalities are really starting to develop, and thankfully, so are their hair follicles. Jax is a pretty contented little boy. He fusses when he's hungry or wet, but beyond that, he's pretty chill. Jett is my worried, little, old man. The poor boy already has wrinkles on his forehead. But when he locks eyes with you & smiles his big gummy smile, omg. I felt immediate mom guilt when they were born over my tears that I wasn't having another girl. However, I have come to realize that you have mom guilt for every single thing you do with your children, so whatever. Just pile it on the other things I suck at. I digress.

The boys. They're growing, they're changing & they are already 3+ months at this point. And yes, Maddie loves them, but she's not terribly thrilled with the split attention & their crying. The idea that she might not be the center of the universe is lost on her.

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  1. Hey girl! While I can't tell them by name yet, when I see them together it is OBVIOUS that they are not identical. Too cute for words, but not identical. Love to you and all 3 of your gorgeous babies!!


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