The First Day

I have THE most condescending daughter. I suppose I have no excuse. She is MY daughter. Sunday evening & all of Monday morning we begged her to stay home. We weren't ready for her to start school yet. She would laugh at us & say, "But Mama, remember the song from Daniel Tiger? Grooooowwwwn uppps coooome baaaack." We know we're coming back, you rat. You're missing the point.

I expected to be weepy. I really expected to cry. I didn't. I rolled on my StressAway oil in anticipation of being stressed, but all I felt was excitement. I was more excited for this kid than anything. I knew she would love having so many activities surrounding her. I knew she would love having 14 other kids to play with. And I knew she would be so distracted that she would forget we were at home waiting for her. I may or may not have, but definitely, texted #FREEDOM to a few people...

This kid could go on to be an actress & not think twice about posing for a million photos. I would guess I have a million photos of her after these 4 years. Literally.

So, while the first day of Pre-K wasn't as mushy as I had dreamed it would be, it would just as it should have been. This kid, hamming it up, getting irritated at me snapping more & more photos, her being distracted by the kiddos filing into her classroom, & then, yelling "Bye, Mama!" from across the room as she ventured into the classroom. It was perfect for her. 

Today is day 2, and I am currently in sweats, my milk-stained nursing tank, greasy hair. I have to drop her off at school in 30 minutes. I like to make an impression.


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  1. purrrfect days. both of them. you write so well, Andrea. you live even better. in the real world.


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