The BEST Bach in Paradise Recap EVER | Week 4 Part 2

Graham has a panic attack when AshLee offers him the rose. Boyfriend needs some essential oils for that.

AshLee stands at the rose ceremony, smiling as her man runs to the ladies' room.

And he still takes the rose. Possibly a bad sign when you have an anxiety attack when a girl offers you a rose. #runforthehills

And now Lacy is having a panic attack. OMG. Are we competing for Academy Awards?

Lacy is heading to the hospital and Marcus is freaking out. It's been 4 weeks & he hasn't proposed yet.

No one is worried about Lacy, so the rose ceremony continues.

Michelle > Cody
Sarah > Robert
Jackie > Jesse. Aaaand Marquel returns to the friend zone.
Kalon goes home alone. Where he will forever be alone.

Christy enters in the most ridiculous heels. Have these women never walked on a beach before?

Christy picks Zack. Isn't it a coincidence that she's suddenly there when Zack was the one who wanted her to be in the house?! Wow. I mean, it's like it was planned or something!

Zack: "I'm at a point where I need to think about a relationship beyond all of this. It might have been too fast too soon." But then he turns Christy down. I mean, Clare is a lucky girl to have such a wishy washy guy.

Christy has a d-bag ex, so Sarah introduces her to Jesse who is just a lovely, stand-up guy.

Sarah gets the date card.

"Tonight's the night we're finally gonna kiss." Honey, don't plan it. If he wants to kiss you, he'll kiss you. "Do you want me to kiss you?" What!?

Cody: "Am I falling fast for you? Yeah." Ummm you've been here less than a week, dude. We know you want a rose, but you don't have to propose to get one.

Zack tells Clare that their relationship is too dramatic, so she runs off into the jungle sobbing. That'll show 'em.

"You're the only one who understands me."

Exit stage right. "I'm so sick of this." Then STOP going on reality shows to find love!!!!

Weirdo Lucy comes in to shake things up. She'll probably be naked the whole time.

What guy is going to say no to a date when a naked chick asks them out?

Umm...Michelle & Cody are basically having engagement photos taken on their first date. I'm so confused.

Fake wedding? What? This is more whacked out than ever before.

Marcus: "I hope you know by now that I love you." I mean, it's been 3 whole weeks.

Lucy is...very open.

Another girl is crying & whining about going home. Ladies, you're making womankind look so pathetic.

Scrambling to make connections to get a rose ensue.

Robert > Sarah
Graham > Ashley
Cody > Michelle
Marcus > Lacy (Loved all the eye rolls & yawns)
Zack > Jackie
Jesse > Christy

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