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The BEST Bach in Paradise Recap EVER | Week 4 Part 2

Graham has a panic attack when AshLee offers him the rose. Boyfriend needs some essential oils for that.

AshLee stands at the rose ceremony, smiling as her man runs to the ladies' room.

And he still takes the rose. Possibly a bad sign when you have an anxiety attack when a girl offers you a rose. #runforthehills

And now Lacy is having a panic attack. OMG. Are we competing for Academy Awards?

Lacy is heading to the hospital and Marcus is freaking out. It's been 4 weeks & he hasn't proposed yet.

No one is worried about Lacy, so the rose ceremony continues.

Michelle > Cody
Sarah > Robert
Jackie > Jesse. Aaaand Marquel returns to the friend zone.
Kalon goes home alone. Where he will forever be alone.

Christy enters in the most ridiculous heels. Have these women never walked on a beach before?

Christy picks Zack. Isn't it a coincidence that she's suddenly there when Zack was the one who wanted her to be in the house?! Wow. I mean, it's like it was planned or something!

Zack: "I'm at a point where I need to think about a relationship beyond all of this. It might have been too fast too soon." But then he turns Christy down. I mean, Clare is a lucky girl to have such a wishy washy guy.

Christy has a d-bag ex, so Sarah introduces her to Jesse who is just a lovely, stand-up guy.

Sarah gets the date card.

"Tonight's the night we're finally gonna kiss." Honey, don't plan it. If he wants to kiss you, he'll kiss you. "Do you want me to kiss you?" What!?

Cody: "Am I falling fast for you? Yeah." Ummm you've been here less than a week, dude. We know you want a rose, but you don't have to propose to get one.

Zack tells Clare that their relationship is too dramatic, so she runs off into the jungle sobbing. That'll show 'em.

"You're the only one who understands me."

Exit stage right. "I'm so sick of this." Then STOP going on reality shows to find love!!!!

Weirdo Lucy comes in to shake things up. She'll probably be naked the whole time.

What guy is going to say no to a date when a naked chick asks them out?

Umm...Michelle & Cody are basically having engagement photos taken on their first date. I'm so confused.

Fake wedding? What? This is more whacked out than ever before.

Marcus: "I hope you know by now that I love you." I mean, it's been 3 whole weeks.

Lucy is...very open.

Another girl is crying & whining about going home. Ladies, you're making womankind look so pathetic.

Scrambling to make connections to get a rose ensue.

Robert > Sarah
Graham > Ashley
Cody > Michelle
Marcus > Lacy (Loved all the eye rolls & yawns)
Zack > Jackie
Jesse > Christy

The BEST Bach in Paradise Recap EVER | Week 4

I literally rolled Stress Away on my wrists before I pressed play on this episode.

Chace Crawford's twin gets a date card & picks whiney Sarah. This will be no fun at all, Chace.

Cody, the meat head, enters with a date card & asks Clare out.

Zach hits her with the "I don't want to put all my eggs in one basket" spiel. And suddenly, it's icy cold in Tulum, Meheeco.

As much as Zach hemmed & hawed, Clare still decides to turn Cody down...? Maybe because his arms are wider than his head. That's always a bad sign.

Marcus drops the L word. I mean, it's been a long time coming...what? Three weeks?

Enter Kalon. Michelle: "He's an [bleep]." Perfectly summed up.

Kalon: "Today's date is, obviously, more about me." And no one wants anything to do with him. How many people are you going to ask out, dude?

I suppose he's lucky enough that he likes himself so much. "This is the perfect place to re-fall in love with myself." Get used to it, bro.

Jesse comes strolling up & takes Jackie out. Poor Marquel can't catch a break.

Cody can't get with Clare, so he decides to make a move on Michelle. That's gotta feel good to be the runner up...

AshLee has the audacity to think that there are only a couple of cameras in the house, & that she can run her mouth wherever, & she won't get caught. I'm sorry, honey, have you ever watched a reality show?

So, AshLee is running her mouth about Clare & Pabs doin' it in the ocean. I mean...Pabs was the one who told Clare he liked [bleeping] her. Sorry, Clare.

Michelle: "You don't mess with Clare Crawley. Ever."  #catfight

AshLee (let me pause & say that I couldn't help but picture Regina George as she was talking): "Honestly...I have no idea what I did wrong. I would never say something to hurt you." Funny. Pretty sure you let everyone know what you said. This is what we call backtracking. I had really hoped to see Clare karate chop her throat. Oh well, there's always next week!

Cody: "I wanna be honest with you, I need a rose like you."

Poor Graham is in the dark about Cruela DeVil so Michelle enlightens him. I'm suddenly questioning Graham's ditz level.

Lacy > Marcus
Clare > Zack (which is dumb because he's clearly being open about keeping things light & not being tied down.)
AshLee > Graham...walks off camera.


Ugh. You, tease.

Anxiety Girl

If you have read my blog at all, then you know I have anxiety. Not like, "I'm anxious because I have to take a test" anxious, but like, "I have this weird bump on my arm & it's, obviously, cancer, so I'm, obviously, dying" anxious.

My body has decided to give me a weird warning when the anxiety levels start to rise: my left leg & foot start tingling. (Don't worry - I've had multiple MRIs to make sure it's not something else.) So, when this started happening again the other day, I decided to try my oils. I started following CaseyLeigh Essentials & happened to come across a post about dealing with anxiety the very same day. I woke up yesterday feeling crazy anxious, so I opted for the JOY/VALOR combo over my heart & on my wrists. Worked like a charm. (Joy is the oil I rubbed on Maddie's wrists the other day when she was being a stinker. Didn't know it would make her talk to like a hummingbird. I will definitely cut that with Lavender for the next tantrum.)

Off to do some more summering! Happy Thursday!
(P.S. To get started or learn more about oils, check this post.)

The First Day

I have THE most condescending daughter. I suppose I have no excuse. She is MY daughter. Sunday evening & all of Monday morning we begged her to stay home. We weren't ready for her to start school yet. She would laugh at us & say, "But Mama, remember the song from Daniel Tiger? Grooooowwwwn uppps coooome baaaack." We know we're coming back, you rat. You're missing the point.

I expected to be weepy. I really expected to cry. I didn't. I rolled on my StressAway oil in anticipation of being stressed, but all I felt was excitement. I was more excited for this kid than anything. I knew she would love having so many activities surrounding her. I knew she would love having 14 other kids to play with. And I knew she would be so distracted that she would forget we were at home waiting for her. I may or may not have, but definitely, texted #FREEDOM to a few people...

This kid could go on to be an actress & not think twice about posing for a million photos. I would guess I have a million photos of her after these 4 years. Literally.

So, while the first day of Pre-K wasn't as mushy as I had dreamed it would be, it would just as it should have been. This kid, hamming it up, getting irritated at me snapping more & more photos, her being distracted by the kiddos filing into her classroom, & then, yelling "Bye, Mama!" from across the room as she ventured into the classroom. It was perfect for her. 

Today is day 2, and I am currently in sweats, my milk-stained nursing tank, greasy hair. I have to drop her off at school in 30 minutes. I like to make an impression.


The BEST Bach in Paradise Recap EVER | Week 3

Elise: "I want to fall in love with Chris. I want Chris to be my rainbow." Weren't you in love with Dylan last week, & planning your wedding & babies with him!?

Danielle enters & asks Marquel on a date.

What is with Elise & her frickin' rainbows?

Suddenly, Chris gets hurt. Walking. #convenient

Danielle: "I came here to find a relationship." In my bikini.
"We have in sync chemistry." I'm going to venture to say that you didn't take chemistry in high school.
Lightning almost kills Marquel. This is what we call a sign.

Something about Elise reminds me of Cher from Clueless. Anyone?

Elise: "You will be blessed for being so sweet to me." Ummm...
"I came to find my soulmate." I don't think you're going to find that in Chris' mouth.
Chris B: "I want to enjoy her behind closed doors."

Sarah's attitude is really starting to grate on my nerves. "I feel like some prettier, more well-put-together girl swooped in & had the confidence to do what I didn't." Ok, like, for real? Stop feeling sorry for yourself, change your crank, & try to get a date. Why would anyone want to date a crank? Somebody call the waaaambulance.

Michelle: "I was in love with Marquel this morning, but now I love you, Robert." That seems legit.

Jackie struts down the beach with a date card. Marquel is chosen. Again.

Graham: "From day one, AshLee kind of set the precedent that 'I'm with Graham.' She, immediately, made it known that we were gonna explore our relationship and that's kind of all she wanted to explore." Really, dude? Grow a pair. Just tell her this isn't your vibe & go date one of the other rock-hard bodies in the house.

AshLee: "I have a pretty good intuition on who Graham is and what he wants." Girl, you are setting yourself up to fail with a statement like that. "I think love is believing in things that you really can't see." Like, Graham actually liking you.

AshLee gets her date card.

Marquel: "I cannot & absolutely do not kiss on the first date." And then he kisses Jackie. #waytosticktoyourmorals

Clare's dad sent her a turtle from beyond the grave as a sign. Ummm, yeaaaahhh.

AshLee, Graham has been given the opportunity to sleep with you in the Bach suite. He has turned that option down. Let that be a sign to you!

Rose Ceremony.
Zack > Clare
Graham > AshLee
Marcus > Lexi
Marquel > Jackie
Robert > Sarah (literally, yelled WHAT?!)
Chris > "Elise...I can't give you this rose. I'm going home & I want you to go with me." I'm going to go out on a limb & say they are no longer together. Reality Steve confirms.
"There's one person here, who I believe deserves true love, and I would like to give this rose to Michelle." The least douchey thing this man has ever done.

"Next week...paradise turns into hell!" I mean, how can you not watch that?!

Family Yearbook 2014

Yes, you've read this before. Get over it. I'm a huge, annoying, loud fan of family yearbooks. Had I been a mom in the 80's, I may not feel this way. Back in the old days, we had something called photo albums. Perhaps you've seen these antiques at your grandma's house. Large, musty-smelling books with a 3-ring apparatus inside, glossy pages filled with glossy photos of old. Now, these young kids have iPhones with 3482397859 #selfies on them, never to see the clear, glossy sleeve of a photo album sitting on grandma's oak coffee table. It's a shame, a damn shame. How will we know what outfit you wore each day of the year?

So, you've seen the books I created for Maddie. Yes, she was spoiled. What I failed to realize in my one-childness is that when you have multiple children, they do things together. It would be quite difficult to do 3 books for each kid when they are always together. Especially, the twinkies. So, I started our 2014 Family Yearbook. This time, I'm using Blurb. Right now, Blurb is offering 20% off your first book! Just use the code: BLURBWELCOME at checkout. Great product, great price, more freedom in creating your pages. They have software you can download easily, upload your photos & choose from many different page designs. I actually decided to create my pages in Photoshop. I chose the 12x12 coffee table book, downloaded some pre-made layouts here & started planning, arranging & yearbooking.

As you can see, I started a book & then changed my mind.

Here is the cover of our first family yearbook. I chose a hardcover with a photo wrap. Hardcover because duh! I have kids who will do everything in their power to destroy this book. And photo wrap because I want it to be pretty & those kids will destroy a dust jacket.

Because I am making each page in Photoshop, I choose a full picture layout for each individual page. If you don't have Photoshop, but want to make your own personalized layouts, you can do that with PicMonkey. You can add your photos into premade collages, add colors, patterns, text, & graphics.

OR you can use their premade layouts, & add individual photos & text.

 Once you have decided on layouts & collages, you just "get photos" and begin dragging & dropping. Seriously, easiest program. You can't screw this up.

I won't get into all the reasons I love photo books because you already know. You'll notice that peppered into the "nice" photos are TONS of phone pics. That's the camera you have with you all.the.time. That's the camera you're capturing everyday life with. Use.Them.
I'm so ready to get this thing printed & away from the rugrats on my coffee table, but I still have a few months left before I can get printing. I'll update you when I have this beauty in my hands. And if you want to start a book, and need help, drop me an email. I'd be happy to help.


No words Sunday

Twinkies | 3 months

Our cousin asked us when we were announcing that I was pregnant with twins if we were "trying to have twins." As much as I love you, Adam, that might be the dumbest question I've heard. To date.

If I knew what it would be like, the pregnancy, the bed rest, the kangaroo pouch, I would have graciously declined. Then, I met these two baldy boys, and I fell in love. They are the coolest little dudes I've ever met. The sweatiness, leaky boobs, and black circles are totally worth it.

The novelty of twins is so funny to me. They are just my boys. Twins don't really mean a whole lot to me, but strangers sure think they are a freak of nature. Cute freaks of nature, but freaks nonetheless. "Oh, are they twins?" Nope, stole one. "Are they identical?" Nope. "Are you sure? They look exactly alike?" I'm sure. "Gosh, I could have sworn they were identical." I am about to karate chop your neck.

Their personalities are really starting to develop, and thankfully, so are their hair follicles. Jax is a pretty contented little boy. He fusses when he's hungry or wet, but beyond that, he's pretty chill. Jett is my worried, little, old man. The poor boy already has wrinkles on his forehead. But when he locks eyes with you & smiles his big gummy smile, omg. I felt immediate mom guilt when they were born over my tears that I wasn't having another girl. However, I have come to realize that you have mom guilt for every single thing you do with your children, so whatever. Just pile it on the other things I suck at. I digress.

The boys. They're growing, they're changing & they are already 3+ months at this point. And yes, Maddie loves them, but she's not terribly thrilled with the split attention & their crying. The idea that she might not be the center of the universe is lost on her.

The BEST Bach in Paradise Recap EVER | Week 2

Oh, Michelle K. You are always good for a little dose of crazy.

There's a psychiatrist on set?? I love this show.

Love the crew member, Lauren, cracking up during the reenactment of the dude jumping off the balcony. Ryan Putz. Putz. lol

We get rid of Michelle K, so we need some more crazy. Enter: Chris B.

Chris B gets the first date card & asks Clare to go out. "Even if he is a womanizer, douchebag...I'll decide that." That sounds super promising, Clare.

Chris B: "Maybe I don't have the best reputation...I've had my days where maybe I wasn't the best guy, but I've learned from it. And when I find the right person, I will be the most loyal & perfect husband, boyfriend..." Didn't you say you fell in love with someone on Bachelorette...? Maybe we should look at the definition of loyal.

Dylan (while Elise rattles on incessantly): "Everyday that I spend time with Elise, I'm missing out on opportunities to get to know other people. I feel, like, smothered." Back down, Chatty Cathy.
Elise: "There might be another date card, so who do you think's gonna get that?" Dylan: "I hope me. I want to go on a date." So I can get away from you.
Elise: "I know we have a good connection. He's just scared." Of you. Smothering him. "He wants to let me go, so I come back, and I come back to him." This is what we call a stalker, people.

Marcus gets the 2nd date card. He chooses Miss Cantaloupes.
Cue Marcus talking about forever, future, falling in love. This guy. Ugh.

YOPO. Please tell me this is not actually a thing. YOLO annoys me enough as it is, and now we're adding YOPO. #idontgetthisgeneration

So, again, Chris was telling Clare about how loyal he'll be, but he's already moving on from Clare to Elise.

Elise: "He put it out there. He, literally, put it out there." #thatswhatshesaid "If I was the other way around, then I would, like, not so upset, and then, his, you know, test, we would know know that...yeah." 

Elise to Dylan: "Yes, I kissed him, but I was thinking about you the whole time." #classic

Dylan: "I told you to go meet other people, but I didn't tell you to go hook up with someone else." Well played, Dylan, well played. 

Zack joins the cast with a date card.

Dylan gets a date card, and Crazy McCrazy is sure that he'll ask her out. He asks Sarah. "Thank you for asking me, but let me think about it." #ouch The most boring date in Bach history begins.

Confrontation with Ben over his little love note. Michelle: "Why did you come?" Free vacation.

Rose Ceremony. 
Love how the guys are cozying up to all the girls & suddenly declaring, "Oh yeah, I've been talking all week long about taking you on a date!" Really? Funny how no one seemed to catch that.

Dylan: "You're a great friend."
Elise: "So, you're saying...?"
Dylan: "Don't hold back your feelings for someone else."
Elise: "So, you're saying that..."
Dylan: "Don't hold back your feelings like for Chris."
Elise: "So, if I gave you a rose, would you accept it?"
Dylan: "No, I wouldn't."
Elise: "I don't get Dylan. He's sending me mixed signals about what he wants."

OMG! I wanted to throw something, anything at this girl!!! HE'S SAYING HE DOESN'T LIKE YOU, PSYCHOPATH!! No! He is not confused or trying to push you away so that you'll come back to him. He.Doesn't.Like.You. You.Are.INSANE.

Lacy > Marcus
AshLee > Graham
Clare > Zack
Michelle > Marquel (Caught that by the skin of your teeth, bub!)
Elise > Dylan...won't accept it. *carnival music* She is so crazy. "Oh, so, Chris, will you accept this rose?" What.the.hell.
Sarah > Robert

Dylan goes home. Shouldn't have hooked up with Crazytown, dude. That can only end badly. "I feel good about my decision. I think Elise is out of her mind." Bahahahaha!

Until next week!

The BEST Bach in Paradise Recap | Week 1

I know what you're thinking. You're judging me. Hell, I'm judging myself. We have reached a new low as a country when this qualifies as entertainment. Let me say, I do not watch these shows to increase my IQ. I do, however, believe, that by watching people act a fool, only solidifies who I want to be & who I do not want to be. I do not want to be these loons. With that said, let's dive into this smut.

Apparently, Lacy didn't get the dress code memo.

"You're all here to find love." As the girls sit in bikinis & some guy already has his shirt off. Chris, I think the word you're looking for is lust.

Lacy: "I will make myself known & the guys will notice me." I mean, when you have 2 cantaloupes attached to your upper torso...

Marcus: "Everyone is out having fun & partying." And I am sitting here being whiny about Andi months later.

Elise & Dylan are already making out. What is it with this girl & walking down stairs?? It's like watching my 2-year-old nephew!

AshLee & Graham or Clare & Graham. Is it just me or could this guy be Steve Nash's doppleganger? Battle lines are drawn. Clare is the first girl to throw down the gauntlet & move in on someone's crush. Cue: AshLee crying in the bathroom. "I want to be cute & flirty, but I don't want to be overbearing." #clingy #stalker

Clare: "I don't want drama." I love that they cut this scene to make it look like Clare is a crazy mofo talking to a raccoon. 

So, Clare offers to dump Graham so that the drama queen can have her way. Sweet, but dumb. Graham graciously understands Clare's motives. Two seconds later, Clare is running up the beach to ask Graham's friend out. #seemslegit

Graham tries to get AshLee's attention & she walks away. "Let's just talk tomorrow or another time." I'm sorry...what about your behavior is NOT overbearing?

Clare & Robert (aka the poor man's Chace Crawford). We never see the "fire ants" that Clare sees all over Rob's backpack, but I'm sure they were there. #wink Cue: tan, muscular guy taking his shirt off. And let's definitely take our shoes off before climbing up jagged rocks.

I'm guessing she was a cheerleader in high school.

Sarah gets the 2nd date card. She chooses Marcus. Solo traje de bano. "Doesn't bano mean like, toilet or something?" The only logical thing to do is to take our clothes off & head down these dark stairs.

Lacy is crying again. "I need some fresh air." ...as they sit outside...with the wind blowing in her face... how fresh do you need your air, Lacy?

In walks Michelle Money. You can't have drama without Michelle Money.

MARQUEL FTW!! Let's get this poor guy out of the friend zone!

"I feel like the guys are way more relaxed than the girls." Honey, this is called life. 

Lacy gets the 4th date card. "I'm not sure. I'm 80/40." My brain hurts. Josh didn't even believe me when I told him about that math. 

Dylan: "I think Lacy is throwing all of her eggs into Robert's basket right now." So that he can fertilize them.

Marcus: "It's a huge shocker for me, feeling this way, and meeting someone that I could see myself building a relationship with." I'm sorry. Was he being facetious? You declared your love for Andi in week 2. 

Rose Ceremony.
Where has Ben S. been this entire episode? And I so don't want Michelle K. to leave yet. I mean, she is hardcore cray, so let's let her get warmed up before we kick her out of Meheeco.

DANGIT. Michelle, no. We need some of your crazy this season!

Michelle Money: "I can't figure Michelle out. She has this look like she's going to kill you & your whole family, and like she's about to lose it." #spoton

Marquel: "Let's be honest. The coconut doesn't fall far from the crazy tree."

Marquel > Michelle
Graham > AshLee (You shoulda dodged that crazy train, buddy)
Elise: "I literally would have said I love you to Dylan, but...it's so soon." I.can't.even.
Dylan > Elise
Marcus > Lacy
Robert > Clare
Ben > Sarah (I literally yelled NO, SHE'S CRAZY!)

Daniella goes home.

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