10 Reasons Ben Higgins Is The Perfect Bach

It's official: Chris Harrison said it, therefore, it's like the Bible. Ben H. is the new Bachelor.

Here's why he will be the best Bach ever.

1. He's hot.

Oy. Plaid. Meow.

2. His favorite movie is The Sandlot.

You play ball like a girl.

3. He stood up for Kaitlyn while the country slut-shamed her.

Standing O for the skank.
4. He loves his mom.

5. He loves babies.

I think my ovaries just exploded.

6. He helps the needy.

I'm poor. Help me.

7. He rocks a suit & no tie.

Meow.Again.Because meow.
8. He loves nature.

"Describe your idea of the ultimate date."
"Hiking back to a quiet place in the woods where we can be alone to bone, but also in nature outside of the normal dating activities like boning."

9. He loves Jesus.

He has a tattoo to prove it.

10. He lost gracefully, but really he wins because ew.

As opposed to these mofos...

Ready to have his babies? Too bad. Get in line.

Good luck, Ben. We already lust love you.


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