Best Damn Bachette Recap | Week 7

This week can be summed up in one sentence: Gosling 2.0 acted like a bitch baby and he still got a rose because he's hot.

Awk 2 on 1

Kentucky gets the rose. The Douche goes home after admitting he cheated on his wife with a man.

Any girls ever have this problem? Yeah, no.

This is Gosling only knowing that she is dating other dudes. Shit gon' hit da fan when he hears she boned The Serial Killer. Anyone else having that feeling of, "run the hell away?"

And hey, Kaitlyn! Maybe don't tell Gosling that he's the one, and then go make out with other dudes and, oh, that's right, bang one. 

Cut to most awk cocktail party.

Benzie takes her outside & they make out. He, obvi, sucked and she sends him on his way home. Maybe he should have mentioned the dead mom thing?

Kaitlyn: Hey, if you could keep this on the DL?
The Serial Killer:

Rose Ceremony

Benzie & Tanner go home. How Tanner made it this far is beyond me. Who did he tip to stay on?

Road trip with Vendetta

The fake date consisted of driving and kissing a rock that millions of other people have kissed. I just threw up in my mouth.

Kaitlyn's Come-to-Jesus

When the shit hits the fan, we call in Dr. Chris Harrison. 

Chris: "If you could maybe pretend that you like the other guys, that'd be great, mmkay?"
Kaitlyn: "OMG. I never thought of that! What would I do without you?"

Chris: "Also, you're not going to meet families next week: you get to bang 3 dudes, and then shake their mom's hands. Even Steven."


It's all she can do to not touch him.

Cupcake: "I can tell she's so excited. I'm so lucky she chose me for this date."
Kaitlyn: "Let's take our love to the edge. I'm going to dump you and then you are going to throw yourself off this cliff. Byeeeee!"

He is going to make some man very happy one day.

Until next week, kittens!

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