Grocery List Printable

You may already know this about me, but I love pretty things and I love organization. I do, however, hate grocery shopping. Well, actually, I hate making my grocery list more than anything. HATE.IT. I need to design a system for myself to make list-making more streamlined, less tedious, and maybe even enjoyable. 

Here is what I am now using each week to help inspire myself to get to the market a little faster.

So there ya go. If you like cute, free, organizational shit, this is for you.

Click HERE to download!

The list I was using was just lines, so I added some pretty watercolor fruits & flowers to spruce up a rather boring piece of paper JUST FOR YOU GUYS! Print, make your list, and smile while you shop because no one else has such a beautiful grocery list. Tag me on Instagram (@andrealebeaublog) with your #ALBgrocerylist just for shits & giggles! 

Happy Monday!

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