The Bachelor "Ladies"

You guys. I have missed you so much. Did you know that I have people come up to me who I don't know that well or don't know at freaking all, and tell me that they love my recaps? My poor Dad even reads them because he is subjected to this excruciating bullshit each week. Husband points for that one, dude. I empathize.

We're back. Ben Higgins is such a dream boat and I've been writing his name over and over in my diary, along with Mrs. Andrea Higgins.

Really I couldn't give a shit about the girls. I'm here for Ben. 

We have 4 Laurens, one Shushanna, a TIARA ("a chicken enthusiast" - I can't even make this shit up), and a Jubilee. We are also be subjected to slutty twins, a mathematician, and a nutritional therapist, which is not even a real job. 

 It's cold AF and HTGAWM isn't back on until February, so Mondays will now be occupied with mind-numbing stupidity.

Pop some bubbly & drool with me. See you Monday!

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