Camping 201

Our summer camping kickoff trip started out like you would think: with crying.

It also started with alcohol. 

Let me paint a picture for you: 1 mom, 3 screaming kids, 1 husband working all weekend before we venture out, 2 days to shop and get all of the camping essentials. I'm tired, I smell, and my family is driving me to a rooftop with a sawed-off shotgun.

After spending 4 hours on meal prep for 3 days for 7 people while Josh ran out for a quick 90-minute Walmart run where I had asked him to pick up potatoes and olive oil, I was over it. I walked into the kitchen with tears streaming down my face. My PMS tantrum was short-lived as I had shit to get done. 

Fast forward to a 90-minute car ride where Jett literally screamed the entire time. Well, he screamed for 85 minutes and then fell asleep as we pulled up to Camp DICK. Literally, that's the name of the campsite. Super fitting. 

As is customary, as soon as we rolled into camp, the downpour ensued. We popped up our tents as quickly as possible, setting up cots and pack-n-plays, trapped inside of a 13'x9' nylon prison with 3 psychos, singing "The Wheels on the Bus" at deafening decibels. As soon as camp was up, the rain stopped, we threw open the nylon flaps and Jax fell 4 times in a row, winning the prize for the first head injury of the trip. 

I want to go home.

But then, we perk up, we drink some girlie drinks and we settle in.

And Maddie settles in to timeout.

It would be sexy if he weren't wearing his mother's hoodie because he forgot his own.

Make this.

Let him sleep for when he wakes he will be pissed AF.

There is always a picture of the two of them that makes me go weak in the knees. This is that one.

We are not morning people.

Maddie made a friend named Derek. He was camping with his grandpa in the spot next to us. We wound up spending the entire day with them. Not how I imagined a family camping trip.

We booked two nights. We stayed one night. Between the cold night, the coughing attacks, and the children who took over our twin-sized cots, only 3 hours of sleep were had by the grown-ups. 

For now, we will stick to overnighters. 

He's not actually drinking coffee, so just back off.

My little Hulk baby. 

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