Cosatto Stroller | Review

This is my favorite stroller ever. Seriously. I mean, here I am doing a product review and you're thinking, "she's being paid to say this." Ok, no. B U Y T H I S S T R O L L E R.

A removable cup holder - there's a latch on either side to attach it to. Decide which side you need to sip your Starbs on, and boom.

Besides the sheer sexiness of this stroller, I am obsessed with everything about this stroller. It's the easiest stow-and-go I've ever seen. I have twins and a 5-year-old - I don't have time to fight with a stroller. I usually only have one hand to do anything, so wrestling a stroller in a parking lot while my 3 scream in their car seats doesn't seem like something I am going to do.

No arm wrestling my Cosatto.

Look at that deep seat. Jett is relaxing like a B O S S with tons of room. The sunshade is huge and could seriously encapsulate him, which was happening during this shoot because he wanted no part of my shenanigans.

The storage is unreal. Deep pockets to hide your mom shit in, a speaker to plug your phone into to bump your gangster rap soothe your baby to sleep, and a netted basket under to store more kid crap that all us moms have.

And dudes! The handles are already high, but they actually extend up even further so you aren't walking around like the effing hunchback of Notre Dame. AND it's maneuverable with one hand. You have never had an stroller as easy to maneuver and steer. It is, hands down, THE BEST STROLLER I'VE EVER HAD.

So, how do you snag one of these BAFM's? Run to Cosatto and pick what you need. There are a million options, and it is such an amazing investment. Follow Cosatto on Instagram and Facebook to stay current with new styles and promos. 

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