Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Go Babe | Review

Have you ever seen an outfit more perfectly suited to this girl's personality? No, you haven't. 

You guys know I love my collaborations and this is a front runner for being my favorite. I got to meet Molly on Etsy, and she has this award-winning collection of clothing for kids. Her signature style? Rompers. Even more, you know I love a mompreneur with a passion and a message.

Molly is a mompreneur to the max. THIS is why I fell in love with her first: 

Go Babe truly started when I was a little girl. At seven years old, my mom would find me up until midnight, stitching together a pair of pants I had designed for the next day. I have always had a passion for creating, and when we had our first child, motherhood offered limitless opportunities to sew adorable things. Go Babe’s first product was a sling, and then diaper bags, nursing scarves, snuggle blankets, diaper & wipes clutches, travel changing pads, and wet bags. From the beginning, my goal was to make functional items that were eye-catching and on trend.

I also knew I wanted to fabricate goods from high quality, organic fabrics that are both good to the environment and good for my kids. Fabric shopping is my favorite addiction. Recently I was asked how I choose my fabrics. I replied, "I don’t choose. I just buy them all!"

This past year was a milestone as I implemented original designs into our fabric collection. As you scroll through items like Go Babe’s Kicky Pants, you’ll discover prints and patterns that can only be found at Go Babe!

In 2012, our oldest daughter, Payton, died from a genetic disease called SMA. A pediatric version of ALS, we had just a few months between her diagnosis and her death. This changed everything, including the purpose of Go Babe. Today, a percentage of sales go to the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation; you can find out more about their work at

So I invite you into my business, into my product, and into my passion. When you make a purchase from Go Babe, you’re purchasing leggings that not only will become your favorite, but will one day be remaining proof that childhood reigned here: Summer days with watermelon drips. First walks on a grassy hill. Mud pies leaving evidence on thighs. These items are worthy of the keepsake box as they represent memories of your babe on the go.

Every item can be made as a matching set or each piece completely unique--you choose!

Awards and Recognitions:
Go Babe is Down East Magazine Editor’s Choice “Best of Maine: Kids Apparel for a Cause.”
Go Babe’s lush baby blankets were Australia’s “Etsy Find of the Day,” and ranked #2 overall in their favorite baby blankets.

So, y'all, she's amazing, she's strong, she's creative, and her message is carried throughout her work. Please go bless the crap out of her buy purchasing some of her merchandise. Added bonus is that your kids will look fuhrickin' cute! Follow GoBabe on Etsy, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram to stay current on new styles and sales!

Molly, thank you for letting me brag on you and your shop. You are an inspiration to me!

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